[Fanart] Stop doing what you. Keep doing it too, by saignant – S.C.I.谜案集 | S.C.I. Mystery (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Zhan Yao: Don’t use those cuffs on me again!
Bai Yutong: It’s not like I didn’t use them on you before.

Source: [Fanart] Stop doing what you. Keep doing it too, by saignant – S.C.I.谜案集 | S.C.I. Mystery (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

So, apparently the exchange above is canon… 😉


Want to read The
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(art and captions) and Winterbucko (beta reader).


a question of expertise (FINAL PART)

[Part 1]

[Next part] (never! except bonus pages in the print/ebook!)

story by  mwestbelle, drawings by me 🙂


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This… probably shouldn’t have taken more than a year to finish lmao

final pages of the comic! except for a bunch of bonuspages/-stuff I’ll be making for patreon and a print/ebook version (if I figure out how – what is a pdf and where are it’s hunting grounds??). Once again, thanks to mwestbelle for being super chill and letting me have fun with her story; all the lovely people who beta’d and helped; and everyone for commenting/leaving kudos/reading. All the feels guys. all of them 

Steve has criteria for losing his virginity. Bucky knows somebody who meets them.

This comic owns my heart. Seriously, it’s sweet and funny and sexy as hell.



Today’s mail call includes an art print of “Lost Photo no 1,” one of my all-time favorite pieces of Stucky fanart. This is by @Insanaty, aka @beardysteve, who routinely creates art that touches my soul. I bought multiple versions of this – greeting cards, metallic photo print, and this beauty. Available at Redbubble – search for by:Insanaty.

#thereisnosuchthingastoomanybuckys #prayforwintersoldiermovie #ichosemyside #livingthegeeklife

aahhh I’m so glad they got to you safely!! and gosh it looks pretty good in print if I do say so myself ;D

Oh, this is perfection!






NOT WITHOUT YOU ★ Anthology – A transformative anthology of artwork, comics, stories, and more reenvisioning our favorite men out of time. – http://kck.st/2iURUdU

The Kickstarter for this amazing project has begun! Two of my drawings will be included & I hope you guys will support the wonderfully talented writers & artists who are contributing the this Stucky project! @notwithoutyoufanbook

So excited!!!


So, the thing where I have to be a bit careful with money this year? Not going so well already. 🙂