Aught But Death, by selfinduced – Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

It’s a turn.

Jace is turning. His eyes change completely over from angelic gold to a bright werewolf blue, and so does Alec’s, both of them convulsing with the pain that wracks through Jace’s body.

“Alec?” Jace’s voice is the kind of raw and wounded that should never be heard by anyone else, terrified and alone.

So this is what it takes to shake him.

“Alec I can’t–I can’t feel–” he reaches out blindly, but Alec is already taking his hands, kissing them, putting them on his face.

Source: Aught But Death, by selfinduced – Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Dear god, this fic is simply brilliant – the intense bond between Jace and Alec, even when (or rather, because) they can’t be parabatai anymore, their growing longing, the pain and angst, it left me breathless.

to see what tomorrow brings, by Mia_Zeklos – Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

It’s not like Alec is blind to the consequences; of course he isn’t. He’s more than capable of understanding that at their core, each of them would always lead back to his decision to keep Jace alive whatever the cost. Nothing else had mattered then. It still doesn’t now.

Source: to see what tomorrow brings, by Mia_Zeklos – Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Teen, inspired by 3×11. An absolutely fascinating look at Alec’s possible motivations. I am so there for an Alec who’d burn down the world for his parabatai!

Wanting Moves, by selfinduced – Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

“You’re doing the thing,” Alec wrinkles his forehead.

“What?” Jace smolders at him, no other words for it, eyes burning and jaws working in that way that makes the bottom drop out of Alec’s stomach.

“I’d say undressing me with your eyes but it’s, um, multiplied by a lot.” Alec opens his mouth trying to catch his breath because there suddenly seems to not be enough air for it, running his eyes down Jace’s body and back up and down again helplessly.

Source: Wanting Moves, by selfinduced – Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Adult (oh, so adult), established relationship. This is thirst fic, pure and simple. *fans self*

i cannot touch because they are too near



If Magnus is going to love Alexander (which of course he is) then he’s going to have to understand his parabatai and their bond, at least a little bit better than he does now. But he’s not entirely sure how or where to start…




Becoming parabatai takes practice. Training before the ceremony itself, physical and mental, meditation and sparring, how to move together, think together, read each other’s cues even before you can feel them.

How to live together, because if you can’t even handle being classmates, roommates, compatriots, partners, you’ll never survive being soulmates.

You have to prove you’re practically soulmates on your own before they’ll let you take the rune and make it real.

Or that’s the theory.

Sometimes they get it right.

Sometimes they don’t.

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Magnus wants to know all of Alec. Even the parts that are Jace. This is stunning, a gorgeous exploration of the parabatai bond. With a helping of Michael Wayland that makes me heart hurt.

What Tomorrow Brings, by IAmAllYetNotAtAll

What Tomorrow Brings, by IAmAllYetNotAtAll

Vid: i can’t live without him


jace and alec | “i can’t live without him”

The parabatai bond between Jace and Alec is so powerful and beautiful.

There’s no human bond that compares to what they have.

My tags for them consist of “leave me here to die” “are you trying to kill me???!!” “punch me in the face it would hurt less”

This gives me all the season 1 feels!