The Angel Do So To Me

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: T

Summary: Alternative version of the ending of ‘Parabatai Lost’.

Notes: I rewatched The Scene the other day and i was hit by feels, so i had to! Also, this is the first thing i wrote in 2018, a fact that i was tagged to share by @shirasade, so thank you 😉 Whoever wants to do it too, just do it!

“The Angel
do so to me…”

Jace’s voice
cracked and died in his throat. His hand trembled as it held Alec’s face, and
that was when Alec let out one last shaky breath, before slumping down to the

No, no, Alec

This was
all his fault. He had done this to
Alec, his parabatai, the other much more honorable part of himself…

Jace didn’t
think, not about anything, especially
about the people wordlessly watching the scene unfold. He simply leaned
forward, urged by the crippling, inexorable emptiness
growing inside of him, and placed his bleeding lips against Alec’s equally
chapped ones. He shut his eyes closed, hoping, praying that some of his life would transfer directly into Alec.
Their lips had never met like this, and Jace had no idea why he had thought of
it now, why he didn’t want to break
away from Alec, why Alec’s lips felt exactly right against his…

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Be still my heart… This is so completely believable, the version of Parabatai Lost I dreamed of. <3

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