i cannot touch because they are too near



If Magnus is going to love Alexander (which of course he is) then he’s going to have to understand his parabatai and their bond, at least a little bit better than he does now. But he’s not entirely sure how or where to start…




Becoming parabatai takes practice. Training before the ceremony itself, physical and mental, meditation and sparring, how to move together, think together, read each other’s cues even before you can feel them.

How to live together, because if you can’t even handle being classmates, roommates, compatriots, partners, you’ll never survive being soulmates.

You have to prove you’re practically soulmates on your own before they’ll let you take the rune and make it real.

Or that’s the theory.

Sometimes they get it right.

Sometimes they don’t.

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Magnus wants to know all of Alec. Even the parts that are Jace. This is stunning, a gorgeous exploration of the parabatai bond. With a helping of Michael Wayland that makes me heart hurt.

Vid: Triangles are my favourite shape

(via Magnus | Alec | Jace (AU) – Triangles are my favorite shape – YouTube)

Okay, so this is simply amazing, absolutely perfect Malace AU!

(Author’s post on AO3 here.)

ETA: The vid seems to have been deleted, but I do have it saved, if you want it. 🙂

Scribble-Doodle: In the Alley


How I wish the Malec reconciliation in 220 had gone. Alas.

“It’s in the past,” Magnus says, waving away his apology.

But Alec shakes his head. “No, I should’ve told you about the sword. You had every right to know about its disappearance, it could’ve had a direct impact on the safety of your people.” He sighs and takes a step closer. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

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How I wish the reunion had gone like this, with two people learning and growing together…

Scribble-Doodle: Gossamer-Thin


A “what-if” set in ep 220. Alec reacts to Jace’s death. Or, how it could’ve happened. Hey, I was full of… feels, sue me! A parabatai & Malec ficlet.

When Alec’s side’s seized with sharp, stabbing, breath-stealing agony, he immediately knows what’s happening. There’s no doubt, not a moment of confusion, just a terrible certainty. Jace.

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This is intense – terrifying and wonderful, and utterly, utterly, believable…

The Story of Endymion, Beloved of the Moon, by katikat

The Story of Endymion, Beloved of the Moon, by katikat