Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches, by Sena

Steve stops and doesn’t know what to do, to say. He wraps his arms around himself like he’s cold. He ignores the lady beside him cursing him for stopping in the middle of the walk. He makes himself move towards Bucky and he stops five feet away. He says, “Hey, Buck.“ 

Bucky says, "Why didn’t you ever send anyone after me?" 

Steve doesn’t say it’s because he was afraid he was going crazy. He tells another truth. "Because you deserve not to be hunted.”

Mature, post-WS, non-AoU-compliant. In which both Steve and Bucky are damaged and made me want to hug them forever, but which still managed to have me laughing out loud several times because of the awesome Avengers characterisations and snappy dialogue. My favourite combination.

Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches, by Sena

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