If Aught But Death – parabatai angst fic


I didn’t think I would get deeper into this fandom than learning to gif for it. But here we are and I, the graphic person, have ended up writing a damn fic (2k long btw). 

Clary doesn’t ask for Jace’s life back, and Alec has to deal with losing a part of his soul…

It hits Alec like a punch to the gut. The air is knocked out of him and the ops centre fades. All he can see is…


The fist to his stomach turns to a claw, ripping at his insides. His parabatai rune burns as he falls to the floor in agony. He doesn’t even notice Magnus and Izzy rushing to his side, as images of Jace flickers through his mind; their first meeting, training together, falling in impossible love with him, becoming parabatai and forever linked. And it hurts more than anything he could ever have imagined. This isn’t Jace being ravaged by poison or having his arm shattered by an elapid demon. No, this is different. This is Jace leaving. This is Jace being forcefully taken from him. He can’t breathe.

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Break my heart, why don’t you? Alec’s grief here is palpable, and I love it, even while it hurts.

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