war dogs come home, by StripySock – Boondock Saints (Movies) [Archive of Our Own] | https://archiveofourown.org/

“Mother Mary comes through again,” Connor replies, flexes his wrists until he can feel the blood rush back to them, working its way through his veins. Makes his way around again until they’re side by side, thigh by thigh, and raises hands that still feel unreal—like they belong to someone else—to touch Murphy’s face in the dark. He doesn’t need light for this, can trace a face dearer than his own with his mind alone, touch just an aid to memory. Presses a finger against the tender flesh of Murphy’s split lip and feels the familiar outrage that floods him still at the thought of being powerless to stop any harm that comes to him.

Murphy turns just a little into it, lips pulling back as he smiles, smooth enamel of his teeth against Connor’s fingers now, and he resists the urge to press between them. Now is not the time, he knows that rationally. Murphy lunges and catches his thumb before he can withdraw and presses into the curve of his cheek instead. Worries it just a little, blunt dent and press of his mouth that’s always wicked, and is practically indecent given the circumstances.

Source: war dogs come home, by StripySock – Boondock Saints (Movies) [Archive of Our Own] | https://archiveofourown.org/

Blast from the past – codependent twincest with more than a little folie à deux thrown in for good measure. A+.

As We Forgive Those, by coricomile

They’d done the Rosary before bed since they could memorize the prayers, shoulders and hips pressed together as they kneeled. It was solid. Grounding. Theirs.

Adult, incest, religion. This is how I like my MacManus twins – so tangled up in each other, in their holy quest, that it’s impossible to separate one from the other. Perfect!

As We Forgive Those, by coricomile

Vid: It’s you and me against the world, by Sunnseanicarts

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lmKxfckt_E?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=281]


This is seriously atmospheric and captures the dark world the brothers live in incredibly well, as well as the bond they share. Music: apparently a mash-up of 2 instrumentals, one from BDS, the other from Lovely Bones?

Vid: Saints But Sinners, by gleanna

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqV7MBeJAkU?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=375]


Love the subtle use of non-canon footage to accentuate the seriously twincest-y tones of the movie. Music by E.S. Posthumus.

Already Crazy, by stewardess

“What if I can’t?” Murphy said. He loved Jesus, more than their Ma, even. But not more than everyone.

Adult, pre-canon, twincest. Awesome backstory, Murphy POV, following the MacManus twins as they grow up and explaining a lot of things the movie left up to our imaginations. Also a crossover with Bravo Two Zero, whatever that is. 🙂

Already Crazy, by stewardess