The Black Lotus Club, by MistressKat

Shen Wei understood power. It was, he thought, why he was here. Why Zhao Yunlan had asked him. Because he understood power, not just as some abstract concept, but concretely, intimately, the heavy cloak of it a familiar weight he’d carried for centuries. Shen Wei knew how to wield it, like a weapon, like a caress, and he knew how easy it was for that use to turn to abuse.

Tonight, Zhao Yunlan needed him to wield that power on his behalf. And that was the easiest thing of all. The easiest and the most dangerous.

Source: The Black Lotus Club, by MistressKat – 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Adult, D/s themes. Oh my – undercover in a BDSM club, this is gorgeous from start to finish and manages to hit SO MANY of my buttons along the way.

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