RPF. Matthew Daddario, Dominic Sherwood. Sherdario. Fluff.
Note: I saw this video and I had to. 

Filming’s run late again and before Matt knows it, it’s 3 a.m. and rain has started to fall, icy drops splattering down his parka and drenching Alec’s artfully deconstructed boots. He’s been standing in the same puddle of mud for the past ten minutes, the umbrella he’s holding doing nothing to stop the lower half of his body from getting absolutely drenched in back splatter. 

It’s been a bitch of a shoot and Matt would have been in a terrible mood had it not been for the company; they’re shooting a parabatai scene today and Dom’s as unsinkable as he always is.

Matt sort of hates him for it, but just a little bit.

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This is just a small slice of perfect.

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