if you’re still accepting.. “Light reflects from your shadow. It is more than I thought could exist. You move through the room like breathing was easy. If someone believed me they would be as in love with you as I am.” –Angels by The xx


“In Love With You As I Am”
Quote Prompts || Accepting
Jalec. Sometimes, it just is.
Note: Anon, I hope you know that that song broke my damned heart. Everyone needs to listen to it, seriously. And yes, I’m absolutely still accepting quote prompts!
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Part of him knows that it’s wrong.

He knows what his parents think of people like him, knows what his friends would say behind his back if they knew. He knows that even Izzy, as much as she loves him, would balk at the knowledge that he’s in love with Jace, with someone who is his brother in every way but blood, that she’d revile him for that if not his multitude of other sins.

The blood of angels runs in Alec’s veins but there is poison there also, rising inside of him like a tide, sweeping over him and tainting him, staining his heart with tar.

There’s something wrong with me,” Alec says to himself, and his fingers are clenched into fists and he can only stare into his own reflection; a stranger in his own skin.

There is a dull crash and he stares at the shards littering the sink before him, crimson splattering across the basin. His knuckles are cut up, torn and bleeding, but he doesn’t even feel it.

It’s not me, he thinks, and by the time he’s emerging from the bathroom, Jace is hovering in his doorway– all big eyes and knobby knees, his hair unkempt from slumber.

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Oh, this just breaks my heart, for Alec and Jace both.

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