rebootfic: You’ll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) 1/4 – The Toybox — LiveJournal |

“Don’t you think declaring me unfit for command is a little extreme?” Jim pushes forward in his chair, picking up the datapad and reading it in a glance. When he looks up, however, he doesn’t seem surprised. “Huh. I was actually joking. So it’s this or Starfleet Medical, huh? Your people wouldn’t like that at all.”

“There is a time,” Spock says slowly, taking the chair across from Jim, “for discretion. And then there is a time for the necessary.”

Jim drops the datapad.

“This is the necessary.”

Jim nods grimly before closing his eyes and taking a careful breath. “If you touch me,” Jim says slowly, “I will kill you. Or you will have to kill me. Do we understand each other?”

Spock nods. “As you would say: crystal.”

Source: rebootfic: You’ll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) 1/4 – The Toybox — LiveJournal |

This is a somewhat different, and brilliantly written, take on the “Kirk deals with the fallout from his meld with Spock Prime” trope, and I love it!

A Distant Horizon – Space is like hard pure night — LiveJournal |

When his alternate first arrived in a scrambled transporter beam two weeks ago, Jim was excited to meet him and combine their powers for the forces of awesome. Actually, first Jim ordered him quarantined, polygraphed, and tested for alien DNA, but he should have known the guy would hack his way out of the brig, and by the time he emerged again, clothes inexplicably torn and whiskey eyes somehow deadened, Jim knew he was who he said he was and instead of excitement, he felt a creeping disquiet about the man.

Source: A Distant Horizon – Space is like hard pure night — LiveJournal |

This is epically awesome – I love the characterizations, each man distinct, each relationship special.

Piqued by Jaylee

Spock was an old man; he figured the universe would forgive him for deriving pleasure in whatever way he could.

And if Jim were here–his Jim, with rosy, plump cheeks, graying curls atop his head, and a devilish gleam in his eyes that laughed at life’s idiosyncrasies–he’d be joining in on the merriment.

Source: Piqued by Jaylee

This is my favourite kind of Spock Prime – the meddling, match-making kind, who can’t help but be amused by the fledgling relationship of young Kirk and Spock.

Hours of Freedom by Vanasati

“And you haven’t remembered anything since then? About yourself? Or about others, like me?”
He shakes his head and spreads his hands in an apologetic gesture.
Two days for him, one for me. For a moment the panicky feeling is back. What if we never find out who we are? What if…
“I am glad that you are here.”
The quiet admission shakes me out of my misery, and spontaneously I put my hand on his arm.
“Me too. I don’t like to be alone.”

Source: Hours of Freedom by Vanasati |

Kirk and Spock wake up on a planet with no memory of who they are. Luckily they have each other… Absolutely wonderful amnesia fic.

Cover of Night by Killa |

He moves then, not Bones nor any ghost of my imagining, but him, real and alive and moving toward me in the dark.

I’m holding my breath, not realizing I’m doing it until I hear him, a rustle of heavy fabric so faint I wouldn’t hear it otherwise. I can feel him close to me. I want so badly to reach out that it hurts, a physical ache somewhere inside of me, but I can’t, I can’t. Because if I do and there’s nothing…

He touches me, the brush of fingertips on my bare arm.

A sound–me. Was that me?

Source: Cover of Night by Killa |

Kirk on Vulcan, waiting for Spock’s recovery and agonising over things that happened in the dark, that he was too afraid to let into the light. This is exquisitely painful and exquisitely beautiful.

Need, by jemariel – Star Trek: The Original Series [Archive of Our Own] |

Spock’s reply of “No, Doctor” came just a fraction of a second too late, raising all sorts of red flags in McCoy’s brain. “The bond between T’Pring and I was exclusive. The breaking of that bond through the kahli-fee should have short-circuited my body’s… urges.”

“Well, obviously, it didn’t,” McCoy grumbled. “Spock, your hormone levels are up again, and rising. Your little fainting spell on the planet is proof that your body is starting to crack under the strain. A few more like that, and you won’t wake up. You know better than I do how close you are to….” He couldn’t finish the sentence.

Spock nodded, and finally met his gaze. “But without a bond, I cannot mate.”

“Well, that leaves us in a right pickle then, doesn’t it?” McCoy could feel his blood pressure spike. Spock couldn’t be thinking of just letting this happen, just letting himself die! Damn stubborn Vulcan son-of-a-bitch….

Source: Need, by jemariel – Star Trek: The Original Series [Archive of Our Own] |

Post-Amok Time, things aren’t quite as over as everyone had hoped…

Report from the Rim, by Carolyn Spencer

Spock takes off that cloak.  Careful.  Slow.  Puts it around the other one.  And now I know who he’s been saving it for.  He don’t say nothing, but his whole body changes.  He’s taller somehow.  Straighter.  I’m more used to reading his face now than I was, and there’s joy now in his eyes.  You don’t see that in the Pit, Federatti.  Not ever. 

Adult, warnings for prison setting (mentions of rape, violence). This is an outside POV unlike any other I’ve read – harsh and violent, but the relationship between Spock and Kirk shines all the brighter for the dark.

Report from the Rim, by Carolyn Spencer

And Cried Out His Name In Joy, by zarabithia

He hadn’t invited the Vulcan into his dreams, just as he hadn’t invited him into his mind for the first invasion. It wasn’t fair of the older Vulcan to continue to invade his thoughts while Jim was still struggling to deal with the ramifications that the first mind link had provided. 

 But little by little, as the hands reached through his dreams and soothed Jim in ways all the casual fucking had never been able to accomplish, Jim found that he was no longer as pissed at the idea of having a nightly guardian.

Mature, nu!Kirk/Spock Prime. Mind meld AND pon farr fic, and it’s so very good. Background nu!Spock/Uhura.

And Cried Out His Name In Joy, by zarabithia