Dare by J S Cavalcante

Kirk met Spock’s eyes unobtrusively and flicked a glance at Keth and the other warriors. Spock received the signal loud and clear: Think we can take them? He shook his head infinitesimally.

Kirk glanced away, but not before shooting a disgusted look at Spock.

Fool, Spock thought, you would rather risk your life, and mine, than back down. Anger sparked and flared into life somewhere deep inside him. Ironically, Kirk’s illogical reaction would make it easier for Spock to do what he had to do. Deliberately, Spock released the controls he normally would have used to suppress the anger, and instead allowed it to flare inside him. Distasteful as it was, he would need his quite real anger in order to perform convincingly.

Source: Dare by J S Cavalcante (locked for AO3 users)

Spock has to take drastic measures to save Kirk… I love the non-controlled Vulcan badassery – and naturally, so does Kirk. 😉

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