A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement – Chapter 1, by Brenda – Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

“This will go ever so much easier on both of us if you treated me like I had eyes in my head and a brain,” she said, interrupting him without regret. She wanted, more than anything, to wipe that fearful look off of his face. “I promise, I’m not trying to trap you or to blue-card you. In fact, I’d like us to come to some sort of arrangement where Steve is concerned.”

Source: A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement – Chapter 1, by Brenda – Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

This is a love triangle after my own heart… After all, in a real triangle, all points are connected. 😉

Vid: Chase You Down


My Club Vivid 2017 entry: Steve Rogers, the bisexual America deserves.

Chase You Down / Artist: Runaground / Fandom: Captain America movies

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This is perfection!

Lost and Found (MCU), by PR Zed (przed)

Lost and Found (MCU), by PR Zed (przed)

Peggy Carter has a few ideas, by owlet

Peggy watched James. She watched James watch Steve. She watched Steve watch her, except:

It took some time, but she saw it. 

When Steve was tired, especially, when his accent thickened and his posture slumped a little. Then it wasn’t Peggy he looked for. It was James. 

Those poor boys.

Didn’t they read The Iliad in America?

Adult, polyamory. Happy little story (although less so considering we know what happens next…), in which the boys are clueless – but luckily Peggy is beyond awesome. 🙂

Peggy Carter has a few ideas, by owlet

The Fifties, by Speranza

“We’re alive! We’re all alive!” Peggy sobbed. “We’re all going to live,” Peggy sobbed, and suddenly it was all Bucky could do not to break into tears himself, because—because— He was knocked back by a great wall of Steve, and he was going to pull away, give them a minute to hug and kiss while he pulled himself together, except Steve’s arms were coming around them both, he was holding them both together.

Adult, AU. This is amazing – the best “what if Bucky hadn’t fallen” fic I’ve read. Also, I so did not see that plot twist coming. 🙂

The Fifties, by Speranza

Devils and Heathens, by copperbadge

It took her a second to understand what she was seeing, to draw the right conclusion from it, and then she felt both angry and ashamed. Small wonder he didn’t like her.

She was the competition.

Adult, polyamory. Peggy realises some things – and because she’s Peggy, she then does something about it. Totally in character, this could easily be outtakes. Even the modern-day epilogue warmed my heart.

Devils and Heathens, by copperbadge

Vid: photograph, by katharina rosalie


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TszkQNJLl7E?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=281]


Simply stunning, this vid makes my heart break for Steve and Peggy. I don’t even mind the inclusion of the lyrics as text in the vid, normally a pet peeve of mine. It’s just beautiful and touching. Music by Ed Sheeran.