The Heart Knows No Borders, by oschun – War Boys (2009) [Archive of Our Own]

“You want me to beg?” he asked in a breathless, challenging voice.

It was David’s voice more than anything that always got to George. It had this husky quality that made everything he said sound like a whispered, amused secret. And because George never could back down from a dare, he responded to the challenge in David’s infuriating voice by pushing his hips forward and felt David start to harden. He felt it without surprise. This moment had been coming for a while. They both knew it, both recognized it for what it was, now that it was here.

“War Boys don’t beg for mercy,” David said in a whisper, his eyes full of heat and challenge.

Source: The Heart Knows No Borders, by oschun – War Boys (2009) [Archive of Our Own]

I’ve never seen the entirety of this movie, only clips, but with this fic it’s not needed, telling a compelling and complicated love story.

Vid: The Things That We Don’t Say, by JJ Prods



Because Sense8 has eaten my brain, I went back and re-watched Brian J. Smith in “War Boys”, which has a gay storyline between two best friends (my favourite kind!) in between all the angst. This vid captures the lovely hesitant building of something beautiful – and it spares us the ambiguous ending. (I’m firmly in the “he lives” camp, btw.) Music by Britannia High.