Cheleanor Stardust AU for @mindy-st-claires

Hope ya like it, babes!<3 It’s not an EXACT AU because it’s just a one shot, but here ya go!

Also kind of for @the-fic-place for this upcoming #TGPMondays!

The past week’s events buzzed about Eleanor’s head like a swarm of wasps.

First, she had been minding her own damn business, shining in the night sky and giving earth’s men direction, (your welcome, by the way) then she had been struck with something, tumbled to the ground, and found herself beneath a rather disoriented young man, who had proceeded to call her “mother.”

So, not exactly a typical day in the life of a star.

And after that, things had only gotten stranger. He had informed her that she was to be a gift to his true love (at least, he thought she was his true love. Although, he didn’t like it when she continued to ask about it, claiming a stomach ache and changing the subject) and that, after meeting this young lady, he would return her to the sky.

She had never been so infuriated with another individual in her entire life. After thousands of years watching humans, one would think she would be used to their stammering and denial of feelings and panicking the moment they were faced with an uncomfortable thought. But, she wasn’t used to it. And Chidi Anagonye was confirmed in her head as the most irritating person she had ever met.

Until, one day…she didn’t feel that way anymore.

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Aww, all the happiness and feels, this is surprisingly perfect!

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