Frostbite, by jaegermighty

He was stubborn and arrogant and had no idea how kind he really was, and Clarke loved him so much she thought she might die of it. 

In another universe, she did. Bellamy stayed dead when he fell and Clarke stayed dead when she crashed, and the world went on without them and they became nothing more than an old story, two war heroes with a romantic story and some old newsreels and comic strips.

Some days, she thinks she’d rather be in that one anyway. At least then, she’d know how it ended.

Teen, Steve/Bucky!AU. Locked for AO3 users. This is probably my favourite of all the MCU AUs I’ve read – it all fits brilliantly, all the ways that are the same and all the ways that are different.

Frostbite, by jaegermighty

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