20th Century Limited, by Speranza

“I was in a hospital,” Bucky said slowly. “I couldn’t move. My arms and legs were—broken.” He looked at Steve with real fear in his eyes. “I’m not really here, am I.“ 

"No, I don’t think so,” Steve agreed, swallowing back his own terror. Bucky wasn’t alive, Bucky couldn’t still be alive; Steve would have known if he was. He remembered clinging to the outside of the train and having the radio in his mind go silent: that sudden, terrible dead air. The loneliness, the internal emptiness, was unbearable. 

“I’m in the hospital or I’m dead, but I’m not here,” Bucky said. “And you’re…" They both looked down at the hole in the ice. 

"I’m down there,” Steve said. “I’m still under the ice.”

Adult, canon-divergent, telepathy. One of the side-effects of the serum is that those injected with it are telepathically connected – which changes Steve and Bucky’s relationship considerably… But this epic story only starts there, what’s most amazing is what happens after they both fall…  I can’t believe I hadn’t read this before, it’s simply breathtaking!

20th Century Limited, by Speranza

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