now that your rose is in bloom, by stepquietly

“I am so happy,” she says, low and firm and for his ears only. “You have made me so happy.” She watches the startled joy flare in his eyes with something growing so huge in her chest that she cannot express it any more than she could fly. 

“Margaret.” He all but chokes on her name, his hand flying up to cover hers on his cheek. It takes him entire minutes to recall himself.

Mature, post-canon. Praise kink. This is warm and gorgeous and sexy, a look at the Thorntons in their new marriage. *happy sigh*

now that your rose is in bloom, by stepquietly

Vid: Untouched, by Elsa



This manages to perfectly capture the tension between Margaret and John. Especially love the rather unexpected song choice – period vids tend towards the soft or dramatic. (The vidder also has a couple other N&S vids set to similarly unconventional music.) Music by The Veronicas.