Burning Alive, by dovingbird

“We have three spare bedrooms, Katniss,” Peeta says softly. He begins cutting the cookie dough into little shapes, the cutter’s rhythmic thump breaking the tension that still sizzles between them. “You can go out. You can hunt. You don’t even have to see him.“ 

But she knows better. Because there are nights she still dreams of Gale and wonders what he’s doing now, what they could be doing together. And since when has she ever been able to deny her curiosity? She’ll see him, all right. And every single piece of shit will hit the fan in a second.

Adult, post-canon, polyamory. I haven’t even read or seen the entire Hunger Games trilogy, but re-watching the first movie (and drooling over Gale *g*) got me curious – and this fic is peek into the future that seems totally in keeping, even improving on it. Also, it’s hot as anything! 😉

Burning Alive, by dovingbird

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