Scribble-Doodle: A One-Time Offer


A teen parabatai story set in 203. Valentine makes a one-time offer, Hodge is tempted, the boys are oblivious.

“Meet me at the side entrance in five minutes. Witherspoon.”

Hodge growls when he reads the message on his cellphone. Entitled bastard. All of them, the people coming in from Idris and looking down at him because of his past, treating him like their servant.

Still, he goes because refusing on principle isn’t worth the hassle. The word is that Witherspoon’s the Inquisitor’s favorite. Raziel save him from ass-kissers.

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Hodge on the day before Jace & Alec’s parabatai ceremony – this is unique, such an interesting idea. It rings absolutely true to character, and I love it!

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