Riding the Wheel of If: Arc 1, by MrsHamill

“I have no idea how it works. Master Windu thought perhaps it has something to do with the crystals, but Master Yoda thought it might have been my mind-set when I built it. All I know is – I turn it on, and I’m gone. But I still have Qui-Gon’s ‘saber with me.“ He swallowed. “It’s all I have left of him, now. But I’m going to find him … I have to find him … I will find him …”

Adult, AU – so very AU… Different pairings, but Obi/Qui end goal. Also, warning for some pretty dark and messed up things that happen to poor Obi-Wan.

The Force keeps leading him to different realities, some close to the one we know, some very, very different. This is the ultimate AU fic, Obi-Wan encountering everything from gender swapped versions of familiar faces, words taken over by the Sith to actors playing Jedi in a tv show. After Very Bad Stuff happens, Obi’s pain causes the fic to drag at times (not that you can blame him), but I never stopped wishing for him to finally find a Qui-Gon to call his own. (Their continuing adventures can be found in the other 3 Arcs of this epic.)

The title link goes to Fanlore because Tumblr for some reason doesn’t accept the link for the author page.

Riding the Wheel of If: Arc 1, by MrsHamill

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