by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)

Shadowhunters fic. Jalec.
Not complacent with canon. Also, I took some liberties with the meaning of some
less known runes.

Summary: Clary asks her friends a couple of questions about their runes.

Read here or on AO3.

Clary falls
gracelessly on her butt, again.

snorts. “You seriously need to stop getting distracted by my wonderful abs when
we’re training.” He offers her his hand. “Or at all. You don’t want to give poor
Simon a complex.”

Clary rolls
her eyes, but accepts his help to get up. “Simon has nothing to worry about. Our
relationship is just fine, and so is
his abs.”

“Right. So
you were not distracted.”

“I was,
but… Oh, wipe that smirk off! I was just wondering if that rune is going to
vanish now.”

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I lovelovelove this! It takes something so fundamental to Shadowhunter culture (runes), using Clary’s POV (for which I have a weakness) and gives us such a lovely glimpse at Jace and Alec, but also Izzy (Lightwoods forever! *g*).

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