Unspeakable Words (1 / 2)


by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)

Shadowhunters fic. Jalec. Mentions of Malec and Clace.
Drama, Canon Divergence, Sensuality.
Alternative version of episodes 1.06 and
Written for the Jalec Gift Exchange. 

For @miazeklos​. I literally (and I do mean ‘literally’) jumped around in
joy when I found out I had gotten you. I truly hope you like this. <3

Summary: When Simon calls Jace out for taking his parabatai for granted, he
actually listens.
When Alec says, ‘Screw all of this,’ he actually has a plan.

Everything goes downhill from there.

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“One more thing,” says Magnus. “I
need Alexander.”

Jace, on his way out of the
warlock’s loft, stops in his tracks. “Uh, why do you need Alec?”

Damn, why does his voice sound like
he’s just swallowed a frog?

Magnus looks at him with a hint of a
smile that makes him uncomfortable. “Virgin Shadowhunter energy.”

Is he serious?

“That explains so much,” Simon

That’s such an old joke. Isabelle
pesters her big brother every other day with vague and not-so-vague insinuations
about how he would be so much happier and easier to deal with if only he got
laid. Jace usually laughs at those comments and at Alec’s deepening frown when
he hears them. Sometimes Jace even joked about it himself, because teasing his ever-so-serious
parabatai is just so much fun.

Coming from Simon, though, the
remark doesn’t carry the same affectionate sense of humor. It’s just crude

Magnus is still gazing at Jace with
an expectant look… and that smile.

“Alec, yeah…” Fuck. “I can’t.” Not now. Not after what happened at the Jade Wolf.

‘I’ll be fine on my own.’ Words you should never, never
say to your parabatai. Jace was upset with Alec for failing to protect Clary
and then for insisting on putting the Clave’s protocols above the obvious,
urgent need to save the life of Clary’s werewolf friend. If Alec refused to
help him, then Jace would do the right thing on his own. That was all he had
meant. But the way it came out…

He saw the way Alec reacted. Like he
had been slapped in the face.

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Canon-divergence is my favourite thing, and this is simply brilliant! I loved going along with Jace on this ride of discovering how he truly feels about his parabatai.

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