Act as a Clever Medicine, by Zee (orphan_account) – Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own] |

Pete’s arm slides over his shoulder to hug his back, protectively. “You’ve been attacked by a crazy fan. That makes you officially a rock star, Patrick Stump.”

“As you can see, it’s very glamorous,” Joe pipes up from his other side. They appear to be flanking him and herding him back to the van, which Patrick is okay with, because he can’t see all that well. Pete’s arm tightens, and Patrick is suddenly very aware that if he turned his head slightly, his lips would brush Pete’s ear, or neck.

Source: Act as a Clever Medicine, by Zee (orphan_account) – Fall Out sBoy [Archive of Our Own] |

Sometimes you just have to go back and re-read a classic sex pollen fic with your old OTP… 😉

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