Cheleanor Stardust AU for @mindy-st-claires

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The past week’s events buzzed about Eleanor’s head like a swarm of wasps.

First, she had been minding her own damn business, shining in the night sky and giving earth’s men direction, (your welcome, by the way) then she had been struck with something, tumbled to the ground, and found herself beneath a rather disoriented young man, who had proceeded to call her “mother.”

So, not exactly a typical day in the life of a star.

And after that, things had only gotten stranger. He had informed her that she was to be a gift to his true love (at least, he thought she was his true love. Although, he didn’t like it when she continued to ask about it, claiming a stomach ache and changing the subject) and that, after meeting this young lady, he would return her to the sky.

She had never been so infuriated with another individual in her entire life. After thousands of years watching humans, one would think she would be used to their stammering and denial of feelings and panicking the moment they were faced with an uncomfortable thought. But, she wasn’t used to it. And Chidi Anagonye was confirmed in her head as the most irritating person she had ever met.

Until, one day…she didn’t feel that way anymore.

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Parabatai,” Jace said with unusual gravitas. “A pair of soul-bound warriors. Closer than most and ready to lay down their lives for one another. They are sworn to protect each other, to fight side by side. The runes they draw on each other are stronger and more powerful, and they can draw strength from each other during battle. They are the elite warriors of the Clave, have been for centuries. The oldest pairs were of the first generations, those who only had Raziel’s blood running through their veins, and nothing else.”

“So what, are they just some kind of super-soldiers?” Clary asked, a mix of curiosity and derision in her voice.

Jace snorted.

“Of course not. They’re lifelong partners.” He paused for a moment, the weight of his words filling the space between them. “The parabatai bond is the most sacred oath in the Shadow world. There is no human bond that compares.”

He looked at Alec, who was drawing runes with thoroughness on his arrows, on the other side of the training room. Gone was Jace’s usual cocky façade, and Clary was so taken aback by the raw emotion on his face that she almost missed his next words.

Our souls are bound as one, and he is
the better half of mine.”

an army of lovers (AO3)

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This is a wonderful canon-divergence, combining many of my favourite things! <3


Not Easily Conquered by drop-deaddream and whatarefears (M/188k)
If you’ve already read this amazing Steve/Bucky fic (if not, do it!!) you know it contains little bits of newspaper articles, book excerpts, telegrams, and so on, so I thought I’d create .pdf files of the text and include “forged” versions of those little parts so they look exactly like they would if they were real. For example like this.
Feel free to download the files from Dropbox!!


Want to read The
Life of Bucky Barnes
like a book while
you’re lying comfortably in your bed? Or are you new to this account and it’s too complicated to scroll
down to the very first image to read the whole story? Then “The Life of Bucky
PDF’s” are made for you! Click
the links below and download our two PDF’s that hold all the artworks from 2014
to 2016. A third PDF with the 2017 artworks will be available at the end of
this year.  



If you want to download the PDF’s later and are afraid you won’t be able to find this post
anymore in the middle of the “Tumblr Jungle”, no problem, just click on the
menu on the left side of our page, go to “Timeline and PDF’s” and download
everything from there

Note: Some of the captions, particularly the very first ones from 2014, have been rewritten to make the story
more coherent and easier to understand. No big changes in the mythology, just
minor edits, don’t worry. We hope you will enjoy these PDF’s. Thank you for
taking the time to download them and for supporting this account.

(art and captions) and Winterbucko (beta reader).


A Jalec novella RP written by @ourheartsbeatas1 & @dnteverdoubtme 

(Jace Wayland/Alec Lightwood)


Season 1 canon-compliant, with the caveat that Alec follows Jace to the Morning Star. (x) (x)

When Valentine takes Jace to the Morning Star, Alec follows without pause. But when his intended rescue becomes just another form of leverage,  Valentine’s hold over Jace becomes absolute. Can the parabatai weather his insanity until they find a way out of his clutches? 

Warnings: Coercion, suicidal thoughts, torture. 

Please see chapter tags for additional warnings.

Entire Work: 


*includes all canon chapters and media in chronological order 

Chapter 1: Eros (nsfw, complete)
Chapter 2: Storge (complete)
Chapter 3: Philia (complete)
Chapter 4: Agape

(nsfw, complete)

[Completed Verse]

An RP ‘verse of epic proportion – I can’t believe it’s done! 


a question of expertise (FINAL PART)

[Part 1]

[Next part] (never! except bonus pages in the print/ebook!)

story by  mwestbelle, drawings by me 🙂


If you’re enjoying the story you can (and absoloutely should!) let the author know [here]!  |    [patreon]  is a thing that do, poorly.

This… probably shouldn’t have taken more than a year to finish lmao

final pages of the comic! except for a bunch of bonuspages/-stuff I’ll be making for patreon and a print/ebook version (if I figure out how – what is a pdf and where are it’s hunting grounds??). Once again, thanks to mwestbelle for being super chill and letting me have fun with her story; all the lovely people who beta’d and helped; and everyone for commenting/leaving kudos/reading. All the feels guys. all of them 

Steve has criteria for losing his virginity. Bucky knows somebody who meets them.

This comic owns my heart. Seriously, it’s sweet and funny and sexy as hell.



Today’s mail call includes an art print of “Lost Photo no 1,” one of my all-time favorite pieces of Stucky fanart. This is by @Insanaty, aka @beardysteve, who routinely creates art that touches my soul. I bought multiple versions of this – greeting cards, metallic photo print, and this beauty. Available at Redbubble – search for by:Insanaty.

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