Morning Rituals


by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)

Shadowhunters fic. Jalec & Lyzzy. Canon

Summary: Alec and Lydia are happily married. In
their own way.

Lydia wakes
up a couple of minutes before the alarm, as usual. Nothing new there. Her whole
life, no matter to what time she set the alarm, she would always rouse just in
time to turn it off before it made any noise.

That has
changed a little after her wedding. She still wakes up before the alarm, but
some days—when the agenda predicts a busy morning for the co-heads of New York
Institute—she leaves it on so it’ll wake up her husband.

This is not
one of those mornings, though. There are reports to read and verify, medical
and food supplies to order, a small leak on the ceiling of the top floor corridor
to deal with, and a young trainee to scold for bullying other trainees. Nothing
she can’t take care of on her own, and Alec spent most of last night on the
field fighting a Kuri infestation in Port Morris.

So she
turns off the alarm, and lets him sleep. There’s a meeting scheduled for the
afternoon with Lucian Graymark and Raphael Santiago to address some recent
episodes of—thankfully non-fatal—violence between members of their clans, and
Alec will definitely need to be well rested for that.

First thing
she does after getting up is the first thing she does every morning: putting on
the gold necklace Alec gave her on their wedding. The pendant is stunningly
beautiful and she wears it with honor, but she feels uncomfortable sleeping
with the thin chain around her neck. It might break. It might choke her.

Those are perfectly
sound reasons not to wear it in bed, but she doesn’t want anyone but Alec to
ever catch her without it. For the same reason why Alec never takes off the
gold bracelet she gave him, not even
in bed. The last thing they want is to have people inquiring about the state of
their marriage. Too much depends on their ability to appear happily together.

Which… they
are. In their own way.

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I love Lydia. I love Alec and Jace. So this fic just made me ridiculously happy. 🙂

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