Kissing in the Rain: Lily & James is a webseries from shipwreckedcomedy which follows two actors who keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, despite not being particularly fond of each other.

The Fan-Canon Experience is a compilation (reviewed and approved by Yulin Kuang) of all of the fanfiction, fan art, playlists, movie posters, and other fan works that have been canonized by Yulin Kuang and included as a part of the story of Lily and James. Each of the links below leads to a slideshow containing an episode of Kissing in the Rain: Lily & James and all of the fan-canon associated with it.


Episode 1: Lily and James
Episode 2: Anne and Gilbert
Episode 3: Olivia and Ben
Episode 4: Edgar and Annabel
Episode 5: David and Susan
Episode 6: George and Mary
Episode 7: Lily and James

Absolutely love this – the videos are adorable, but the inclusion of fanfic etc. really makes this special. I ship it! 🙂

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