jalec as ten and rose = journey’s end


(confirmed that you meant doomsday) 

Happy birthday, dear! I still don’t know whether to hate you or love you for this prompt, because tenrose and jalec??? my otps, a perfect match! 

But the feels, man…

Basically, you know who to blame for this angst fest 😉 (and i might’ve expanded it a bit, i hope you don’t mind!) 

This Is The Story of How I Died

The breach was
finally open, and Dalek after Cyberman after Dalek were being sucked right into

Alec, for
as long as he had been the Doctor, had known that celebrating victory before due
time could only end up in crushing disappointment…and yet, this time he truly
felt that they had done it.

As him and
Jace held on for dear life onto their magnetic clamps, everything was about to
be over so very soon. And they could
go back to their adventures in all of space and time.

The Doctor
and Jace Herondale, together, in the Tardis. As it should be.

…Of course,
of course, fate had other plans for

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This is just rude. Seriously. *cries*

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