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“I’m not going to say it back,” Archie whispers. Betty chokes out a sob, but nods and does her best not to collapse against him. “That doesn’t mean what you think, though, Betty.”

She lifts her head slowly, her face wet from tears, and looks up at him with her brows raised. “It doesn’t?”

Archie looks around tentatively, then finds her gaze, holding it, and shaking his head: a firm no. He doesn’t say anything, but he does slide his hands to her cheeks and thumb away her tears. He does rotate his wrists and tip her face up. He does let his eyes search over her features before he leans down and kisses her in a way that makes Betty feel like her whole body has been submerged in a tub of warm water.

This is how it starts, but it is not how it ends.

Source: too far from over you, by bettycooopers – Riverdale (TV 2017) [Archive of Our Own] |

Archie and Betty, behind everyone’s back, but somehow it doesn’t feel like cheating… How do I get into ships from fandoms I’m not in? 🙂

Light in the dark // Betty & Archie – YouTube |

Aww, although I’ve only ever seen the first 2.5 seasons, you have no idea how pleased I am to see that apparently Betty and Archie are in fact endgame. This video shows their (long, long) journey beautifully. Childhood best friend ships FTW!

this ain’t truth or dare, by thisismydesignn

Betty’s fingers trip lower as she kisses Archie back, palming him through his jeans. He’s torn between twisting away and arching closer, and Betty can’t quite swallow his moan.

Jughead does glance over at them this time, anything but subtle (turnabout is fair play) as he meets Archie’s eyes. He doesn’t say a word, just raises an eyebrow and watches him stumble over an explanation, an apology, anything.

Betty saves him from himself.

Adult, PWP, voyeurism. I sure have a thing for this… and I like that it keeps Jughead’s asexuality. 🙂

this ain’t truth or dare, by thisismydesignn