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Singto & Ohm – Someone Wake Me Up l เขามาเชงเม้งข้างๆหลุมผมครับ, by kinkilan

He’s Coming to Me turned out to be one of the very best boys love shows, and the chemistry between Met (Singto) and Thun (Ohm) was a delight – as is this vid!

[EN Sub]【镇魂 Guardian】【巍澜】 赵云澜x沈巍 《致沈巍:写于大战前》 以我一生 予你情书 – YouTube

Zhao Yunlan’s love letter to his Shen Wei, this is heartrendingly beautiful. Thank you, Bai Yu, for giving us the gift of reading from the novel!

MiniOrchid on Twitter: “Lou & Lou 😂🤣😂 Cr.weibo@咕破… “

Another vid using other roles by Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong, this is simply delightful, funny and incredibly well edited.

Soaring birds come home together, by yantantether – 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Shen Wei brings one hand up and starts petting at Zhao Yunlan’s face, nearly poking him in the eye. Zhao Yunlan gets out his phone and shines the torch on him. Shen Wei yelps and tries to cover his eyes, knocking the phone out of Zhao Yunlan’s hand in the process. It hits the ground, clattering against something hard, and the light goes out. “Sorry,” Shen Wei says sheepishly.

A suspicion begins to dawn. “Fuck, are you drunk?”

Source: Soaring birds come home together – Chapter 1, by yantantether – 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

This is sweet and sexy and soft, with beautiful details that form an altogether lovely picture of Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan in a slightly canon-divergent future.