Belinda’s Kiss


by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)

Shadowhunters fic. Jalec. TW: major character death, illness, graphic description of vile
things, gross and questionable humor.

Summary: Jace is consumed by a mysterious illness. Alec does what he can to keep
his parabatai’s mind off it.

Read it here or on AO3.

They joke
about it being demon pox.

Well, it is
a joke between the two of them, who know Jace hasn’t had sex with anyone other
than Alec for the last fourteen years.

that is their most guarded secret. All most people know about Jace’s love life
is that he has never married, and that in his younger days he had quite the
reputation for sleeping around, not discriminating between Shadowhunters and
Downworlders. So why not demons?

Alec wishes
he could tell the healers the truth, so they would realize the unlikelihood of
Jace catching such a vicious STD without infecting him. Granted, many of the
symptoms are suspiciously similar—rapidly-spreading rash, high fever, skin
sores, swollen limbs, hair loss, darkened corneas… But it has to be something
else entirely.

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This honest to god made me cry.

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