A Jalec novella RP written by @ourheartsbeatas1 & @dnteverdoubtme 

(Jace Wayland/Alec Lightwood)


Season 1 canon-compliant, with the caveat that Alec follows Jace to the Morning Star. (x) (x)

When Valentine takes Jace to the Morning Star, Alec follows without pause. But when his intended rescue becomes just another form of leverage,  Valentine’s hold over Jace becomes absolute. Can the parabatai weather his insanity until they find a way out of his clutches? 

Warnings: Coercion, suicidal thoughts, torture. 

Please see chapter tags for additional warnings.

Entire Work: 


*includes all canon chapters and media in chronological order 

Chapter 1: Eros (nsfw, complete)
Chapter 2: Storge (complete)
Chapter 3: Philia (complete)
Chapter 4: Agape

(nsfw, complete)

[Completed Verse]

An RP ‘verse of epic proportion – I can’t believe it’s done! 

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