The Devil Made Me Do It, by knucklewhite

Lucifer lets the fire of hell swallow his pupils, tinting his vision until the room is painted in shades of red, until Amenadiel’s true form shifts into view, almost painfully bright, and so painfully beautiful. 

“Tell me, brother,” Lucifer croons. “What is it that you most desire? What do you desire above all else?”

Adult, angel!slash. Lucifer does what he was made to do – tempt an angel to fall… This is gorgeous.

The Devil Made Me Do It, by knucklewhite

Vid: Somebody to Love, by H. Holmes



Simply an excellently edited celebration of Lucifer Morningstar. Makes me want to go watch some Lucifer right now! 🙂 Music: Somebody To Love (Original Mix), by Mr. Belt & Wezol, Freejak.