Scribble-Doodle: His Guardian


A Jalec Vampire Academy AU. Jace’s a Moroi, the queen’s grandson, Alec’s his dhampir guardian. More of a set-up than a real story, just something that kept nagging at me ever since I saw the movie! 

Warning: I’m reading the books in Czech, so if I get any of the terms wrong, sorry! (This is the ficlet @shadowandbones​ )


Jace’s talking to his grandmother, Queen Imogen, and he’s smiling, basking in her proud attention. And Alec’s smiling, too, just because Jace’s happy. That’s enough to make Alec happy.

“When will you finally tell him?” Isabelle, his sister, whispers at his shoulder very discreetly because they’re standing at the back of the lecture hall with Moroi students, teachers and other dhampir guardians milling around.

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This is such a perfect set up! 

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