Re-Entry, by flamethrower

He faced Qui-Gon a pensive expression on his face.  “Qui-Gon—wait.  That isn’t right.  Master,” he said, bowing with his eyes closed, as if fighting off the dizziness that Terza had warned him about.  “I owe you an explanation, yes, but I feel it is one that the Council should hear, as well.”

Qui-Gon realized he was staring at Obi-Wan.  Who was this ultra-polite, refined, bewildering man that had replaced his exuberant Padawan?  

Mature, AU, warnings for torture. After an injury put him into a strange coma, padawan Obi-Wan wakes remembering a whole history that now will never happen – at least not if he can help it. This is a mega-epic, spanning several novels – including a complete retelling of the canon as part of a vision in this awesome AU.

Re-Entry, by flamethrower

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