Nothing But The Truth


Let us begin, the Inquisitor started in an unaffected tone, seemingly uncaring in regards to the man standing before her or the sword held in his outstretched hands. There were almost a dozen other figures standing in the room, representatives from the Clave and members of the family alike, and her gaze brushed pass all of them before it settled upon the Shadowhunter on trial. 

State your name and rank, she ordered as their eyes finally met. 

Alexander Gideon Lightwood,he replied without missing a beat, Head of the New York Institute. After almost ten years the title felt natural rolling out of his tongue.  

         The Soul Sword thrummed within his hold like a living wire, threatening to lash out at any given moment. The Silent brothers assured everyone that there was no reason to concern, not as long as Alec remained truthful; the nature of the accusations made against him lead the Nephilim to wonder exactly how long that might last.

Do you consider yourself a law abiding Shadowhunter, Mr. Lightwood? the Inquisitor proceeded without missing a beat.  

          Alec could see the trap laid out in front of him, how one might doubt their own loyalty in a situation like this, overthink the question considering every little transgression they had ever committed, but the question regarded his own assessment of himself and Alec had no doubts when it came to that.

Yes, he stated simply, feeling the breathing of those watching being held and then released in unison as nothing happened. 

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Oh wow, the sheer amount of feels this gave me… Alec on trial, having to come clean about his feelings for Jace – my heart almost couldn’t take it. 

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