slowly, and then all at once, by thefaceofno – 魔道祖师 – 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī – Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]

Song Lan can feel the impression of Xiao Xingchen’s lips on his for hours after they part. He wonders if Xiao Xingchen is also touching his lips and thinking about him.

He can’t wait to see Xiao Xingchen again.

Source: slowly, and then all at once, by thefaceofno – 魔道祖师 – 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī – Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]

This belongs to a Star Trek AU, which is pretty damn great as it is, but this part in particular just made my old-school trekkie and SongXiao loving heart almost burst with happiness.

Report from the Rim, by Carolyn Spencer

Spock takes off that cloak.  Careful.  Slow.  Puts it around the other one.  And now I know who he’s been saving it for.  He don’t say nothing, but his whole body changes.  He’s taller somehow.  Straighter.  I’m more used to reading his face now than I was, and there’s joy now in his eyes.  You don’t see that in the Pit, Federatti.  Not ever. 

Adult, warnings for prison setting (mentions of rape, violence). This is an outside POV unlike any other I’ve read – harsh and violent, but the relationship between Spock and Kirk shines all the brighter for the dark.

Report from the Rim, by Carolyn Spencer






Star Trek Actors Past and Present Combined [thenordicguy]

Previously: Celebrities and Their Historical Doppelgangers

spock still looks like spock

I accept these as the true forms of the characters

‘kay but can we talk about McCoy for a second

bonesbuckleup i am wEEPING

Wow, these are amazing! And I’m kind of crushing hard on Bones… 🙂

And Cried Out His Name In Joy, by zarabithia

He hadn’t invited the Vulcan into his dreams, just as he hadn’t invited him into his mind for the first invasion. It wasn’t fair of the older Vulcan to continue to invade his thoughts while Jim was still struggling to deal with the ramifications that the first mind link had provided. 

 But little by little, as the hands reached through his dreams and soothed Jim in ways all the casual fucking had never been able to accomplish, Jim found that he was no longer as pissed at the idea of having a nightly guardian.

Mature, nu!Kirk/Spock Prime. Mind meld AND pon farr fic, and it’s so very good. Background nu!Spock/Uhura.

And Cried Out His Name In Joy, by zarabithia

Timeverse, by Kagedtiger

He stood as Spock approached him. It seemed almost odd, seeing him so young after feeling the depth of age and wisdom in the old Spock. But the sage had been right; this young Vulcan was a different person, and he had to remember that. What would grow up between them would be its own thing, however it turned out.

Varying ratings, reboot, bond fic. This series follows the relationship of Kirk and Spock starting right after the (first) movie and does so beautifully. Love how it uses Spock Prime, the mindmeld and bonding.

Timeverse, by Kagedtiger

Wilderness Were Paradise Enow, by belmanoir

“I wouldn’t have said any of it if I’d thought there was a grain of truth in it. I like you the way you are, you must know that. I need you the way you are.“ Jim chuckled mirthlessly. “It doesn’t sound as pretty coming from me as it did from Miss Kalomi, does it? But I need you.”

Adult, post-This Side of Paradise. Kirk wants to know if Spock is really unhappy – and finds he himself has some explaining to do. Perfectly in-character revelations and sexing ensues. Especially love how Vulcan Spock remains through it all!

Wilderness Were Paradise Enow, by belmanoir