Want to read The
Life of Bucky Barnes
like a book while
you’re lying comfortably in your bed? Or are you new to this account and it’s too complicated to scroll
down to the very first image to read the whole story? Then “The Life of Bucky
PDF’s” are made for you! Click
the links below and download our two PDF’s that hold all the artworks from 2014
to 2016. A third PDF with the 2017 artworks will be available at the end of
this year.  



If you want to download the PDF’s later and are afraid you won’t be able to find this post
anymore in the middle of the “Tumblr Jungle”, no problem, just click on the
menu on the left side of our page, go to “Timeline and PDF’s” and download
everything from there

Note: Some of the captions, particularly the very first ones from 2014, have been rewritten to make the story
more coherent and easier to understand. No big changes in the mythology, just
minor edits, don’t worry. We hope you will enjoy these PDF’s. Thank you for
taking the time to download them and for supporting this account.

(art and captions) and Winterbucko (beta reader).

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