Things My Brother Taught Me, by Hellskitten

This was their way of bonding, of communicating their feelings for each other. This was how the Brothers Winchester got things done. This secret place of total connection was like a fort to them–shelter and a place to hide when being on their particular road got to be too much. Dean sighed at that thought, lying back down on the mattress so he could enjoy himself.

He was so damned happy to have Sam home again.

Adult, incest, underage sex, canon-divergent. I’m not in Supernatural fandom, but this series is awesome – intensely hot and sweet! It even has a plot and a pretty great characterization of John Winchester. Important note, however: The boys start their sexual relationship when Sam is 12, with roots of it even earlier, so don’t read if that squicks you out. To me, it felt completely natural, growing out of their unusual situation (which is how I like my incest – see also, Boondock Saints).

Things My Brother Taught Me, by Hellskitten

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