To Love In Vain

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: Teen Up and Audiences


Jace is in a dark ‘parabatai-like’ bond with Jonathan Morgenstern, and has lost ties with everything and everyone he loves. But what if he encounters his former parabatai, Alec?

Notes: One-shot. For anyone who hasn’t read the books it won’t probably make much sense, but know that Jace and Jonathan’s ‘dark bond’ is like a brainwashing/swaying for Jace, so he’s on the ‘dark side’ now. I wanted to explore the dynamic he would have with Alec, since the books…didn’t show it at all. You could envision this both in the books or in the future of the show i guess. Obviously, angst ensues…

Everything I could have wished for in this scenario – pure angst, full of parabatai emotions… I don’t think I breathed once!

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