Rediscoveries, by Salmon_Pink

She presses one hand over his chest, firm against his heart. It beats faster now, a steady thrum even when he’s still, but the pulse reminds her of the way it would beat before the experiments when he was excited, when he was happy or scared or full of love for her. 

 “Still the same,” she promises, and Pietro stares at her, stares into her, and Wanda knows the very moment she has his acceptance.

Adult, pre-AoU, incest, established relationship. Wanda and Pietro rediscover one another after the experiments. Love their connection here, and the way the changes in them affect their love-making.

Rediscoveries, by Salmon_Pink

wanda x pietro || cloud atlas by voordeel-ts


Giving the twins shared history, this is what the movie needed. (Warning for incest.) Music: Cloud Atlas theme.