Aziraphale: Ask Your Doctor (Good Omens Crack) by Allegra Rosenberg

my friend who doesn’t watch good omens was like “every time you tweet the name aziraphale i think it’s the name of a new antidepressant” and i was like YOU KNOW WHAT MAYBE IT IS and spent all morning making this. thanks bye

This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

such surpassing brightness – Chapter 1, by Handful_of_Silence – Good Omens – Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]

The revelation that Aziraphale might have been in love with him for thousands of years is surprising. The fact that literal books have been written on the subject comes as even more of a shock.

Source: such surpassing brightness – Chapter 1, by Handful_of_Silence – Good Omens – Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]

This is brilliant – first of all, I love the way Crowley’s written, and then it incorporates press articles, which is a favourite format of mine. I just wish that movie was real…


I was prompted to write about how Crowley would react to hearing Aziraphale call someone else ‘dear’ for the first time, and how Aziraphale would reassure Crowley that he was still the one. It’s a bit late, but here it is

532 AD

“I don’t see what you’re so upset about.”

Crowley took another sip of his wine and
leaned back in his seat. They were sitting on a balcony of a seaside tavern, a
generous spread of sweet meats and pastries laid before them.

Aziraphale huffed at him across the table. “The
chariots races are bad enough as they are without royals weighing in and
playing the teams against each other.”

“Royals will always do that,” said Crowley.
“They’re royals. They can’t help but
make everything about themselves.”

“Well, it’s upsetting people. I’ve never
seen such a violent crowd in the stands. You mark me, something is going to
come of it*,” said Aziraphale primly. The effect was rather ruined as he
plucked another honey cake up and popped it in his mouth

*The Nika Riots were sparked by fans fighting in the stadium. The emperor would order them hanged and that would start the riots, leading to the deaths of thousands and destroying nearly half the city.

Crowley raised his eyebrows. “I suspect
it’s the tax raises that are upsetting people.”

“Yes, well. Last thing you want is a crowd
of angry people all shouting at each other.”

“It’s cathartic. And isn’t that what
politics are when you boil it down? People shouting at each other?”

Aziraphale grumbled and downed the last of
his goblet. He poured himself some more wine and topped up Crowley’s cup.

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This is just precious and made me melt the way Crowley does when Aziraphale calls him his dear…