Parabatai,” Jace said with unusual gravitas. “A pair of soul-bound warriors. Closer than most and ready to lay down their lives for one another. They are sworn to protect each other, to fight side by side. The runes they draw on each other are stronger and more powerful, and they can draw strength from each other during battle. They are the elite warriors of the Clave, have been for centuries. The oldest pairs were of the first generations, those who only had Raziel’s blood running through their veins, and nothing else.”

“So what, are they just some kind of super-soldiers?” Clary asked, a mix of curiosity and derision in her voice.

Jace snorted.

“Of course not. They’re lifelong partners.” He paused for a moment, the weight of his words filling the space between them. “The parabatai bond is the most sacred oath in the Shadow world. There is no human bond that compares.”

He looked at Alec, who was drawing runes with thoroughness on his arrows, on the other side of the training room. Gone was Jace’s usual cocky façade, and Clary was so taken aback by the raw emotion on his face that she almost missed his next words.

Our souls are bound as one, and he is
the better half of mine.”

an army of lovers (AO3)

happy birthday @shirasade <3

This is a wonderful canon-divergence, combining many of my favourite things! <3

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