Scribble-Doodle: Wrong-Bad


For @shadowandbones who wanted to see Jace and Sebastian (Jonathan) sparring. Sorry it took me so long. And sorry it’s probably not what you wanted but my muses ran with the idea… 

A show and City of Lost Souls mash-up. Show!Jonathan does to Show!Jace what Book!Jonathan did to Book!Jace…

They’re sparring, Jonathan and he, razor sharp blades clashing together with loud clangs, cutting skin and drawing blood. And it’s… it’s good so, it is – it is! – because they need to be ready for… for…

– Jace’s head hurts –

… for something, he’s sure that Jonathan told him for what and he agreed – of course he did because Jonathan knows what he’s doing. They just need to be ready. For when the time comes.

Still, he can’t help but feel that it’s… not-right-wrong-bad… strange. They train and spar the way their father taught them, hard and fast, till exhaustion claims them, till they can’t no more, demon blood against angel blood, black eyes against gold, and yet…

– Jace remembers laughter and happiness and warmth in his chest and “Wanna go hand-to-hand?” and “Oh, I thought you’d never ask” and rolling on the ground and fun and no blood and no pain –

Pain! Jonathan cuts him, the deep, dripping wound dangerously close to the… to the… rune… that one… the one that must be protected at all costs. What…?

“Pay attention!” Jonathan roars furiously. “Next time, it’ll be your throat!”

Jace doesn’t reply, he doesn’t say a word. Because Jonathan’s right. Jonathan’s always right. Still…

“Again!” Jonathan snaps and goes on the offensive without giving Jace any time to heal or regroup – and Jace grits his teeth and fights back, his Seraph Blades a a blur.

Still, there’s something he needs to remember. Something. Someone


This one takes  no prisoners… *clutches heart*

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