Intra, by Kate Andrews (k8andrewz) – Battlestar Galactica (2003) [Archive of Our Own] |

Lee’s briefing them, yet again. Cylons are still coming and they’re still here, that’s the gist. She’s not dead yet and neither is he. Somehow, by the grace of some gods, Lee Adama of all frakking men is alive with her, here, at the end of the world. He is alive and breathing and so close she could touch him if she wanted, but she doesn’t.

Source: Intra, by Kate Andrews (k8andrewz) – Battlestar Galactica (2003) [Archive of Our Own] |

An oldie but an absolute classic, I love this fic set during the first episode.

artemis rising, by stars-like-dust

She’s lying on her stomach poking sticks upright in the grass. He sits down beside her, and he can see the tension in her shoulders.

“So,” he says casually, and he’s very proud of the way his voice doesn’t shake at all. “I hear the Aegean Peninsula is nice this time of year.”

Pre-series AU, adult. Pilots on the beach!
artemis rising, by stars-like-dust

Your Quaint Honour, by voleuse

Once in a while, though, Lee allows himself the luxury of contemplation. When not distracted by her actual, dominating presence, he lets himself consider the possibility of a future. With her.

She would laugh at him, and for the most part, he laughs at himself, because the future stretches ahead of them, open and endless. 

Teen, canon divergent. This is how I naively hoped their relationship might play out after the mini. *g* 

Your Quaint Honour, by voleuse

Vid: Fell In Love With a Girl, by Melissa



Gloriously random surfer!AU, this is just a whole lot of fun for our usually so angst-ridden couple. Music by The White Stripes.

Vid: Some Time Around Midnight, by bop-radar

Kara/Lee is one of the pairings I ship without having seen all of the canon – BSG got too much for me towards the end of season 2, and I’ve only read spoilers/fanfic and watched maybe 3 later episodes. But oh, the chemistry those two had, it was glorious! This vid captures them beautifully in all their frakked up glory. Music by The Airborne Toxic Event.

Vid: Some Time Around Midnight, by bop-radar