The Courage of Our Hearts, by Poetry

It’s like a dance. She already knows all the steps. Step one, into personal space. Step two, shimmy. Step three, shirt off. Step four, pants. But where she leads, Lito doesn’t follow. It throws off her rhythm. 

So it’s a relief when Daniela sees the man in Lito’s bed, and realizes she’s been stepping to the wrong music this whole time. There won’t be hands in her clothes, trying to stir up feelings that have never been about other people. There won’t be declarations of love she’ll never be able to return in the same way. 

She’s always liked dancing by herself better anyway.

Adult, polyamory, asexuality. This is everything I could have wished for and more – not only do we get to see how Daniela fits with Lito & Hernando (and it’s beautiful!), we even see how Dani & Hernando learn about the cluster. Seriously wonderful!

The Courage of Our Hearts, by Poetry

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