FIC: Castaway, by surreallis

He stands and he waits and he feels a numbness wash over him, and he’s grateful. Ross glances at him and nods and then he and one of the Marshals walk out and close the door behind them.

Eames looks at him, and he feels the breath tremble a bit in his lungs.

“I’m sorry, Bobby,” she says, quietly, and her eyes are pain.

He doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t trust himself to open his mouth. Hey, Eames. Don’t leave me.

Adult, AU. This is by far the best Goren/Eames I’ve read – it’s just so utterly in character, despite taking them out of their normal surroundings, with Alex being put in witness protection and Bobby coping about as well as expected. Their voices are spot-on – and the sex is awesome. 🙂

FIC: Castaway, by surreallis

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