Lovers in the Backseat, by MissAnonymoushp

Magnus had been getting Alec to do a lot of things he had never done before, and it was just really starting to piss Jace off. Not because he didn’t want Alec to try new things or be happy or to have a healthy sex life (well, maybe not that part, because – well – that was just too confusing to get into)… He just wished that Alec had been able to open up to him all these years instead.

Jealousy. Great.

Adult, voyeurism. Jace sees a bit more than he’d bargained for… This is funny and seriously sizzling.

Lovers in the Backseat, by MissAnonymoushp

Soul Deep, by icewhisper

He had exactly one picture of Alec and himself, a quick shot on his phone that he’d insisted on when they’d finally made it out for their first date. […]

He hung the picture on his wall beside a picture Isabelle had given him of Alec and Jace. That one was clearer, both boys smiling and with Jace’s arm slung over Alec’s shoulders. He kept them together in his own sign of respect, because even if he hadn’t particularly liked Jace much, he understood the bond between parabatai.

Mature, post-season 1. Death isn’t the end. I love Magnus in this.

Soul Deep, by icewhisper

Scribble-Doodle: My Brother


Alec has never called Jace his ‘brother’ before… Based on the S2 trailers!

“You called Jace your brother,” Izzy says softly as she sits down on the edge of her brother’s bed and crosses her legs. 

Alec, who’s lying fully dressed on the covers with his right arm thrown over his eyes, doesn’t look at her. “So?”

“You have never done that before,” she observes. “You’ve always called him your best friend or your parabatai but never your brother.”

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This my shipper heart can totally live with… And I love Izzy so much.