the moments in between, by stars_like_dust & bantha_fodder

He turns away.

Helo doesn’t, and Lee watches Helo watching Kara.

Kara laughs, and Lee glances back at Kara. Kara’s watching Helo; laughing with Helo.

This is not new.

Teen, Helo/Kara/Lee. Not very explicit for a shower sex!fic, but absolutely enthralling for everything that’s between the lines. Also, outsider POV, which is my catnip.

the moments in between, by stars_like_dust & bantha_fodder

Devils and Heathens, by copperbadge

It took her a second to understand what she was seeing, to draw the right conclusion from it, and then she felt both angry and ashamed. Small wonder he didn’t like her.

She was the competition.

Adult, polyamory. Peggy realises some things – and because she’s Peggy, she then does something about it. Totally in character, this could easily be outtakes. Even the modern-day epilogue warmed my heart.

Devils and Heathens, by copperbadge

The Courage of Our Hearts, by Poetry

It’s like a dance. She already knows all the steps. Step one, into personal space. Step two, shimmy. Step three, shirt off. Step four, pants. But where she leads, Lito doesn’t follow. It throws off her rhythm. 

So it’s a relief when Daniela sees the man in Lito’s bed, and realizes she’s been stepping to the wrong music this whole time. There won’t be hands in her clothes, trying to stir up feelings that have never been about other people. There won’t be declarations of love she’ll never be able to return in the same way. 

She’s always liked dancing by herself better anyway.

Adult, polyamory, asexuality. This is everything I could have wished for and more – not only do we get to see how Daniela fits with Lito & Hernando (and it’s beautiful!), we even see how Dani & Hernando learn about the cluster. Seriously wonderful!

The Courage of Our Hearts, by Poetry

The Sun Will Rise, by perclexed

As the author describes it:

We hang a sharp left to Angstville right after the climactic events at the hospital in the episode Falling Darkness.

A little farther down that road is the mecca of Pornville, population 3.

Adult, hurt/comfort, polyamory. Hits all the emotional notes as well as having smoking hot sexing in the second part. *fans self*

The Sun Will Rise, by perclexed

Cold Shower, by callay

Will’s trying to get his bearings, pulse racing. “Were you just – “ he starts, and then he knows the answer.

Because suddenly he’s with Lito, in his expansive, steam-clouded shower. And Lito’s with Hernando.

Adult, pwp. I love fic in which Will gets to experience gay sex, courtesy of his clustermates – and here it’s shower sex, with Lito & Hernando… Yum!

Cold Shower, by callay

Vid: Don’t Call Me Baby by trelkez & exitbybears



New vid! Premiered in Club Vivid at VividCon 2013. 


Don’t Call Me Baby
vidders: trelkez & exitbybears
source: Star Wars (original trilogy)
music: Madison Avenue
download: 65MB XviD


“I’m the one to take you on.” Han/Luke/Leia. 

This is glorious. 

The Moonflower Festival, by Emma Grant

“Master, why did you request this… mission? Did you know in advance that our mission to Hildass would be so difficult?“ 

Qui-Gon smiled warmly. "Padawan, surely it cannot have escaped your attention that the third day of the Moonflower festival falls on your birthday.”

Adult, multiple partners, sex pollen. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan discover the joys of the Moonflower – with different partners, but somehow it always comes back to them…

The Moonflower Festival, by Emma Grant