In This White House, by Jai

In This White House Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, The Hush Sound, The Cab, Cobra Starship Pairings: Frank/Gerard(/Lindsey/Jamia), Greta/Ian, Bob/Brian, Cash/Marshall, Panic GSF, Pete/Patrick, mentions of Mikey/Pete, Mikey/Alicia, Chris/Darren, and Cobra GSF Word…

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In which Gerard set out to change the world by going into politics. His staff is the weirdest the White House has ever seen… Revisiting some old favourites – this all-bandom big bang AU is still golden.

You’re the Cream in My Coffee, by cimorene

You’re the Cream in My Coffee, by cimorene


1) tony, pepper, bruce

[Part 1 of my fic challenge to write as many poly fics for the MCU as I can to jump-start my long dead muse. This particular combo (as well as this entire challenge) inspired by @missbeizy. This is less an overt poly fic and more a beginning stirrings stream-of-consciousness kind of fic that goes all the way from Avengers 1 to post-Infinity War. Hope you enjoy!]


~~:{ Pepper }:~~


He was awkward. But it was an awkwardness born of self-consciousness, not lack of social skills or confidence. It was hard for her to wrap her brain around someone who was equally as self-conscious as they were confident, but that was all just a part of the conundrum that was Bruce. 

The conundrum that had become part of her daily life.

She looked at him working alongside Tony and it was hard for her to remember a time when Tony was the only genius in the tower. But she did remember that first look at The Avengers, when they were just flashes of moving images on multiple screens. Too much information for anyone but Tony to process at once.

Not yet a team.

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Oh, this is so very lovely!

Vid: Triangles are my favourite shape

(via Magnus | Alec | Jace (AU) – Triangles are my favorite shape – YouTube)

Okay, so this is simply amazing, absolutely perfect Malace AU!

(Author’s post on AO3 here.)

ETA: The vid seems to have been deleted, but I do have it saved, if you want it. 🙂